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The Netflix doramas are some of the best ones out there, and there are several different series you can watch on the site. Some of the ones you might want to check out are A Princesa da Mafia, Triad Princess, Ji Dao Qian Jin, Holo Meu Amor, Start Up and more.

On the hunt for evil spirits

This isn’t about the show’s title character, though he’s pretty hot. The plot centers around a group of demon hunters known as Counters. One of the most intriguing characters is a former cop turned counter named Ga Mo Tak. His bluff bruising brawn is unrivaled and his wits are sharp as a tack.

Having said that, the show hasn’t been shy about taking aim at the supernatural. There are numerous other minor characters, and a host of ghostly ghouls to boot. Not to mention a nifty little place called Yung, the boundary 1xbitc between the afterlife and the rest of us.

Holo Meu Amor

Holo, Meu Amor on Netflix isn’t your standard romance flick. It’s a science fiction series that takes a look at the modern day AI program and its impact on society. The show has its ups and downs but the aforementioned novelty item does make an appearance. In the end, the show is more about technology consumption than it is love.

The most obvious storyline involves Han So-yeon, a woman with prosopagnosia, a condition that prevents her from recognizing people’s faces. As her face becomes increasingly damaged, she starts to distance herself from the world around her. Luckily, her neighbor Ko Nan-do is a hologram maker. One that, in the tiniest of labs, is working on a prototype that might help her, and vice versa.

Las Inclemencias del Amor

Las Inclemencias del Amor on Netflix is an interesting surcorean melodrama. It is a story about a young couple, Lee Shi Woo and Jin Ha Kyung. They are friends, but the relationship becomes strained when winter arrives.

The series is directed by Cha Young-hoon. Among the main cast are Lee Tae-gum, Song Kang, Yoon Park, Moon Tae-yu, Kim Mi-kyung and Bae Myung-jin. As of now, there are 16 episodes available on Netflix.

The plot revolves around the relationship of two meteorologists, Lee and Jin. Their romance is based on the fact that the weather is affected by the seasons. However, the couple is unable to fall in love because of a number of factors.

Start Up

Start Up is a new Netflix dorama that is set to air in South Korea. It features four people working to realize their dreams. Each of them is involved in a startup, and they are all trying to do so from a different angle.

The main character is a young man named Nam Do-san, who is working hard to realize his dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Unfortunately, he is not doing so well at the moment. His family and friends disapprove of him, but he is motivated to start again. He meets a young woman called Seo Dal-mi, who is a bright, energetic, and passionate young woman with a big heart. Initially, he thinks that she is just a friend of his childhood pen pal.


Hwayuki is a good ol’ fashioned k-drama that features a well rounded cast. If you have not checked it out yet, then you are missing out. The show is about a woman named Jin Seon Mi who is tasked with rescuing a fan from a haunted mansion. It is a witty and entertaining tale. Compared to its predecessor, this show has some competition from its sibling. Aside from the usual suspects, the show also features Ah Sa-nyeo as the titular character and Kang Dae-sung in the role of the dauntless warrior.

A Princesa da Mafia, Triad Princess ou Ji Dao Qian Jin

Triad Princess (or A Princesa da Mafia, as the Taiwanese version translates to) is a web series from Netflix. The 6 episode series is directed by Neal Wu, a bestselling author and TV executive, and is a co-production between Netflix and Taiwanese company Yin Yin Media. Its most impressive aspect is the quality of its production, which includes cinematography by renowned Chinese film editor and cinematographer, Huang Yuan-Hsu. This makes Triad Princess an exciting and engrossing watch.

The trifecta of a compelling plot, well-produced characters, and a good soundtrack make Triad Princess a must-see. However, the best part of the experience isn’t just the entertainment, but the opportunity to learn more about Taiwanese culture and tradition. With the right amount of research, viewers can find out more about the nuances of life in Taiwan, from the glitz of the city centre to the more rural hinterlands.

Kang Tae Oh

Kang Tae Oh is a rising star in the Korean drama industry. He’s been in several shows, including Run On, You Are Too Much, and Extraordinary Attorney Woo. In The Tale of Nokdu, he played the grand prince Neungyang. It was a heartwarming drama that showed the importance of friendship.

Kang Tae-Oh enlisted in the army in September. This will be his last drama before he goes to military service. He’s set to finish his training in March 2024.


“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is a highly popular drama that has aired on ENA and Netflix. It has been recognized as a global hit. Several records have been broken.

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