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Google is the most popular online platform for people seeking information, products  or services on the internet. It accounts for a massive 93% of online searches all over the world. As a manager or small business owner, it’s vital to have your company appears in search queries on Google. While merely having a website may get you listed on Google’s search engine, there’s an even more powerful tool available: Google My Business. This service, offered by the internet giant, allows businesses to enhance their online profile significantly. By inputting essential details, businesses can optimize their search results on Google. Best of all, the basic level of service is free, and your business will automatically be added to Google Maps, making it easier for potential customers to find you. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to use Google My Business and boost your online visibility to reach a wider audience.

Free Google Business Account

For those starting out in digital marketing, utilizing Google’s business service is an excellent starting point. Simply search “my business” on Google’s My Business site, and “Manage My Business Profile” will be at the top. Follow the instructions, and enter the business name, description, physical address, contact details, and most importantly, the website URL. This link is crucial for driving traffic to your business, as Google uses it to determine your search rankings. Take the opportunity to carefully create your business description within the character limit, as the first few words will be displayed when users place the cursor over the web address, and will also appear in Google Maps. This initial setup process allows you to optimize your business’s online presence and enhance your online presence in Google search results, making it an essential tool for digital marketing beginners.

Customer Reviews

Customer feedback is critical for online businesses with platforms like Trust Pilot, Checkatrade, Expert reviews etc being among the top sites. Google, on its Google Maps function, shows business reviews of customers, with the latest ones shown first. While this may seem overwhelming for those new to online marketing, it’s important to remember that even negative reviews are better than no reviews at all. A lack of reviews may lead potential customers to move on to a competitor. In fact, some business owners argue that there’s nothing like a negative review, as any feedback provides an opportunity for improvement. It’s crucial to read and work on customer opinions, as it allows you to identify and rectify any issues. Alternatively, if the feedback is positive, it serves as a testament to your business’s excellence. Embracing customer reviews as valuable insights can help you improve your business and build a positive online reputation.

Business Profile

There is a purpose for the questions Google asks business owners when they register a business account. Every category is designed to efficiently classify businesses for search results. Google aims to connect users with businesses that match their specific needs and location, making it the top search engine that earns substantial profits for registered businesses. While physical address may not be crucial for all businesses, such as those that depend on products rather than location, the business description and customer reviews play a vital role. If there are backlinks from your listing, Google recognizes the credibility of your business and boosts its rankings. Understanding the importance of these questions and providing accurate information during setup can significantly impact your business’s online visibility and success on Google. By optimizing your business account with Google’s features, you can ensure that your business is easily found by potential customers, regardless of whether it relies on a physical location or other factors such as products or services offered.

First Steps

Google requires businesses to confirm their identity through standard verification methods, and after verification, the business will have its listing with an area locator on Google Maps. This verification process builds confidence in prospective customers, as they can see that the business is visible on a trusted platform. This can set a precedent to getting registered on more business listings, leading to increased visibility and potential revenue from multiple sources. Taking these simple steps to verify and optimize your business listing on Google can have a positive impact on your online presence and overall business success.

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