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Pemilik karoseri adiputro is the kind of ride that can offer you a relaxing and comfortable ride. This type of transportation can be found in most areas of the world, but you should be sure to choose one that offers the best experience.


Karoseri Adi Putro, also known as Tentrem, is one of the most popular karoseri bus companies in Indonesia. It started its operation in Malang, Jawa Tengah, in the early 1970s. This company produces a number of famous buses.

The company has a variety of models, from the Avante D1 to the Tri Sakti bus. The Tentrem Avante D1 is one of the company’s latest innovations. Another popular model is the Morodadi Prima, which has a modern body.

Among the famous karoseri in Indonesia, Laksana is probably the most popular. Laksana was founded by Yusup Arman in 1967. Despite being a new company, it has produced many famous buses. With a team of dedicated workers and a tagline that is “Infinite Innovativity”, Laksana has successfully become the idola of the Indonesian bus companies.

Karoseri Adi Putro berasal sejak 1973 dan dituliskan tahun 1994. Pengusaha Ahmad Junaidi adalah pengusaha bak dan membeli kualitatif bak. He also has been a dealer of cars.

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  1. Sumber Karya Abadi Indonesia berdir di tanggal 11 Maret 2010. Adiputro merilis Jetbus 2+ SDD. This armada bus tingkat is used by otobus companies. Its high-tech features are the harga tiket adalah akaran selama kategori.

New Armada is a memproduksi bus tingkat obyek Kreasi Bus Impian. The new armada memproduksi a body double decker with Skylander design as the obyek for Kreasi Bus Impian.

There are two main types of body bus in Indonesia. Jetbus and armada bus tingkat. However, these variants have different materials for the body. In the case of armada bus tingkat, the material is made of aluminum.

Some of the advantages of the armada bus tingkat are the lower fuel consumption, and the safety features. Some otobus companies have used this type of armada bus tingkat for several years. Nevertheless, there are still risks involved in lowering harga tiket.

Although the armada bus tingkat is a big deal in Indonesia, it is not a panacea. In fact, the armada bus tingkat still has a lot of flaws, especially in its fuel economy.


The Jetbus is an important vehicle to Indonesians. It is also known as the Jetrokusumo. One of its perks is its small size. There are many variants of the jetbus. Depending on the model, the body can be made out of various materials. These variants may be the same model or different models with slightly different variations.

It is no wonder that the Jetbus has become the industry standard, and is used by companies ranging from local transport providers to international firms. It is often described as a barometer body bus in Indonesia. This is because it enables the driver to measure the speed and height of passengers.

The Jetbus also comes in a few more versions, including the Jetbus 3+ UHD. It is an improved version of the standard Jetbus with a few new features, such as a new lighting system. A more recent version, the Jetbus AP, timesweb has been gaining ground, despite a few karoseri hiccups.


A Jetrokusumo Bus is a type of bus from Adiputro. This type of bus is popular in Indonesia. These types of buses have been produced since the 1980s. There are several different models of these vehicles. They include the JETBUS, the JETBUS + and the ZE JETBUS +. Besides these two, there is a model called the Jetbus DD 2+.

The JETBUS HD, or the JETBUS High Deck, is another model made by Adiputro. Its design is a little bit similar to the previous model, but it is much more luxurious. This vehicle also features a bentuk lampu depan and a keroseri kecil.

The JETBUS HD SE, or the JETBUS High Deck Special Edition, is another model manufactured by Adiputro. Its features include a bentuk lampu belakang and a kaca samping. Another feature is the trapesium wheel, which is a wheel that has a radius and is also designed to be a brake.


Among the other products manufactured by Adiputro is the Neoplan bus. Its design is very attractive and has a unique look. It is one of the most popular products in Indonesia.