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If you’re considering teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) abroad, there’s no better place to start than in Peru. With fascinating culture, stunning scenery, and a demand for TEFL Peru like never before, Peru offers an incomparable experience for those seeking adventure and the chance to make a meaningful difference in students’ lives.

This article answers all your burning questions about teaching abroad with TEFL in Peru, including what to expect, how to get certified, and what job opportunities await.

1. TEFL Certification in Peru

To teach in Peru with TEFL, you’ll need proper certification which is a requirement for most English teaching positions. There are a few different pathways to certification, including online courses or in-class courses. Classroom courses are more expensive but usually offer the most immersive learning experience. Note that if you’re not a native English speaker, you must provide proof of English fluency, such as a TOEFL or IELTS score.

2. Job Opportunities in Peru

Peru offers plenty of job opportunities for TEFL teachers, both in private institutions and public schools. Language academies, universities, and international schools are also in need of English teachers. You can find job opportunities through job boards online, which may also offer visa assistance. Expect to work around 20 hours per week, with a monthly salary of around $800- $1000.

3. Living in Peru

Peru is a beautiful place to live, from the historic city of Cusco to the shores of Lima. The cost of living in Peru is less expensive than in many Western countries, and there are plenty of affordable housing options. Street food is widespread, and it’s one of the best ways to experience the local scene without breaking the bank. Don’t forget to try ceviche or lomo saltado dishes! Public transportation is easy to use, but traffic in larger cities can be chaotic.

4. Culture and Travel

One of the greatest advantages of teaching in Peru with TEFL is the opportunity to immerse yourself in Peru’s rich culture. From Incan archaeological sites, the Andes mountains, to Peruvian folk music and dance, there’s always something to do and see. The country’s diversity is reflected in the variety of festivals and celebrations held throughout the year, from Inti Raymi in Cusco to the Mistura food festival in Lima.

Teaching English in Peru with TEFL is a chance to gain new skills, make a real impact on students’ lives, and explore a fascinating part of the world. The benefits of teaching abroad are endless- from improving your own language skills to developing cross-cultural competencies- while giving back to the local community. Get started on your Peru adventure today and explore the incredible opportunities that TEFL has to offer!

TEFL teaching in Peru provides you with a unique opportunity to make an impact on the lives of Peruvian students while learning more about their culture. You can teach English at schools and universities, or even work as a private tutor with private clients. As well as helping your students gain proficiency in English, TEFL will also open up opportunities for you to meet new people and learn more about Peru.

TEFL is a great way to gain valuable teaching experience in a foreign country while also building your resume and exploring a fascinating part of the world. With TEFL, you can gain teaching tools and techniques that will help you stand out when applying for jobs. You can even get certified in TEFL and use the certificate to get better teaching opportunities around the world.

TEFL also provides you with an opportunity to explore and experience more of Peru than a standard tourist would have access to. From observing traditional customs, visiting historical sites, exploring nature reserves or just simply experiencing life as a local- teaching English in Peru gives you the chance to discover the country on a deeper level.

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