Donations For Ukrainian Refugees Near Me

If you live near a Ukrainian refugee camp, you can donate items to keep them safe and fed. There are lots of charities accepting monetary donations, clothing, food and toys. Click on the links below to find out more. In addition to online donation drives, you can also visit local charity shops and drop off donations there.

One organization offering assistance to Ukrainian refugees is World Central Kitchen, which serves hot meals to refugee children at a border crossing in southern Poland. The group is also expanding its work to neighboring countries. Another organization, UNICEF, is delivering aid to hundreds of thousands of children, as well as providing psychological support and education. You can also give to nonprofits like Lifeline Charlotte, which packs meals for refugees around the world. The organization is accepting donations for Ukrainian refugees on their website.

There are other organizations you can donate to near the Ukraine crisis, including CARE, which has set up an emergency fund to provide immediate aid. It will prioritize women, children, and the elderly. CARE has also provided primary healthcare in eastern Ukraine since 2014 and is currently raising funds to expand their mental health care services. There are nearly 3 million Ukrainians currently in need of humanitarian aid.

Another way to donate to Ukraine’s crisis is to donate to Malteser International. The organization is a humanitarian relief agency of the Sovereign Order of Malta. It is working to provide food, shelter, emergency medical care, and supplies to Ukraine’s refugees. You can make a donation to the organization online or through a bank transfer.