Esper – A DevOps Platform For Android-Based 60M Series Devices

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Esper is an IoT platform provider that has offices in the Bay Area and India. The company is committed to making IoT devices run smoothly, and its platform enables developers to easily complete day-to-day maintenance tasks.

IoT devices are everywhere

Esper Enterprises is a Seattle-based DevOps company that helps enterprises manage Android-based IoT devices. The company offers a platform-as-a-service for device management and a suite of tools to enable developers to build and deploy applications.

The company has a team of former Microsoft and Amazon employees. Its products include a platform for Android-powered IoT fleets and a virtual device lab for testing software on real-world devices. Esper has grown its customer base rapidly, with 70 times revenue growth last year.

Esper serves a variety of industries, including healthcare, transportation and logistics, and education. In addition to its cloud-based service, the company also offers hardware emulators for custom devices. These solutions help device manufacturers deliver a lean Android solution.

Companies are relying on IoT devices to run their businesses

Having access to a network of connected devices referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT) is a great way to improve the efficiency of your business. However, it also presents some security concerns. For example, IoT can be vulnerable to hackers who can use these devices to create botnets for DDoS attacks.

In order to keep your network and your company secure, you must consider the following points. Educate your staff on IoT so that they can avoid common mistakes. Also, you must ensure that you have the proper technical infrastructure in place. This includes equipment with relevant ingress protection ratings, UPS devices, and surge protectors.

Managing these devices is a huge issue

Esper is an innovative tech startup founded in Seattle. The company provides a platform to manage Android and Windows-based devices in the enterprise. Its mission is to help companies build, deploy and maintain custom software.

In addition to its full-stack software platform, Esper has a number of innovative hardware emulators and devops-optimized services to handle device management. Using the company’s products, organizations can remotely manage mission-critical edge devices from a secure cloud-based repository. For example, hospitals and pharmacies can monitor patients’ health and drug levels using Esper-supported medical devices.

While Esper’s technology is designed to improve time to market for apps, it also helps organizations monitor and control their IoT devices. The company has over two hundred enterprises using its product, and is actively pursuing new customers.

Esper’s platform enables developers to carry out day-to-day maintenance tasks

If you’re building an IoT fleet, you’re likely looking for the best way to manage it. Esper has a solution. The company’s software offerings include a platform and set of APIs that make coding, testing and configuring your hardware of choice a cinch. With the latest round of funding, the company is poised to expand its customer acquisition juggernaut.

The company also produces a set of tools and services to certify and optimize hardware, and a cloud-based simulation starsfact environment for testing and evaluating software applications. Some of the company’s devices are ready-to-use, while others are designed to be modified and adapted for the specific needs of each enterprise.

IoT devices are expected to work flawlessly 24/7

Esper is a platform that streamlines the deployment and management of mission-critical Android edge devices. Its services include device management, app development, and automation. In addition, it offers a suite of developer tools.

The platform helps companies develop products faster and manage them securely. Esper enables a number of industries, including digital health, hospitality, retail, transportation and logistics, and more. With its cloud-based infrastructure, developers can build their apps using Esper’s SDKs and a virtual device lab. They can also add their own apps and data via APIs, and respond to changes in a device’s state.

To help customers manage whotimes their devices, Esper provides APIs for device diagnostics, security rules, and custom solutions. Developers can then use the Esper CLI to update software on their devices, or they can run Esper’s virtual device lab.

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