Hello, Heart Announces Partnerships With Health Plans and PBMs

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Hello Heart is expanding its reach to the heart, starting with hypertension management and expanding into clinically enhanced heart health. New funding is helping to move the company forward, and it has made some important partnerships with health plans and PBMs to take its technology to the next level.


Hello Heart is a digital therapeutics company with an innovative approach to heart health. The company provides users with personalized, mobile coaching and monitoring tools for managing high blood pressure and other cardiac conditions. It is a member of the American Heart Association’s Innovators’ Network, as well as the UCSF Digital Health Awards.

Hello Heart’s flagship solution identifies an irregular heartbeat and helps people identify a hypertensive crisis. This is not your typical blood pressure monitoring app, as it uses AI-based technology and behavioral science to determine which steps to take.

Hello Heart has won the UCSF Digital Health Awards and the Validation Institute’s Health Value Award for Digital Health. Recently, it has been named one of the most innovative digital health startups by CB Insights.

New funding round

Hello Heart is a digital therapeutics solution for hypertension and heart disease that provides users with a comprehensive and personalized experience. It is designed to help users make lifestyle changes and track key health metrics. The program is backed by research from leading health and technology experts.

Hello Heart’s flagship solution is a odisha discom mobile app and smart blood pressure monitor that identifies irregular heartbeat and helps users control their blood pressure. This technology enables users to understand their blood pressure, take steps to improve their health, and avoid a hospital emergency room. Using artificial intelligence, the system can identify whether a person has hypertension. In addition, it can provide alerts when a person’s blood pressure is out of range, encourages users to make healthy changes in their lives, and gives them patient-enabled medication adherence reminders.

Expanding from hypertension management to deeper clinical heart health

Hypertension, a disease that affects more than a billion people globally, can be successfully diagnosed and treated. The treatment requires a multidisciplinary team of healthcare providers in a primary care setting. This is aided by clinical systems that support the multidisciplinary approach. It’s important that patients are a part of the process as they should feel comfortable expressing their concerns to their health care provider.

Hypertension has emerged as a leading remediable risk factor for cardiovascular disease. In addition to its traditional pharmacological treatments, a diversified diet rich in fruits and vegetables, low in saturated fat, and high in potassium can also help. To achieve better control of hypertension, healthcare organizations must develop and implement effective strategies for population health, such as the use of digital health interventions to encourage physical activity and dietary changes.

Partnerships with PBMs and Health Plans

If you are looking to partner with a PBM, then it is important to understand the process. While this relationship might sound familiar to many, there is still some work to be done before the partnership can become a reality.

The first step in building a relationship with a PBM is to determine what services your health plan needs. This will include evaluating the current contract and external benchmarks.

Another step is to determine what information you can access from your health plan. This is important because a PBM is a third-party entity that handles much of the day-to-day processing of claims and pharmacy benefit management. You want to leverage this data to improve your contract terms and to support contract term enforcement.

Finally, you want to make sure your partner can support an end-to-end assessment of your drug utilization. This should include prescribing, prior authorization programs, and the net cost of treatment for each indication.

Key takeaways

Hello Heart is the best-in-class heart health digital therapeutics solution on the market. Its flagship product – the Dot – uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify irregular heartbeats, detect strokes, and measure the blood pressure of individuals with hypertension. To make the process easier on patients and doctors, Hello Heart works with a select group of PBMs and health plans. The company is also offering a free trial of its telemedicine service, allowing physicians to remotely monitor patients.

With a new $45 million round of funding led by IVP, the company is poised to continue its mission to empower people to better their hearts. Earlier this year, the company expanded its offerings to include employee benefit plans and mobile app solutions. As a result, the business has quadrupled in size over the past year.

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