Top 3 Actors Who Enjoy Taking Risks

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Some actors love their work including the opportunity to perform a dangerous trick and get a rush of vital adrenaline, and such emotions even more thrilling than placing a winning bet via Tom Cruise, Jackie Chan, and others replace the stuntmen and scare the directors and producers with the possibility of serious injury. Let’s find out about the star actors who jump from the roof of one building to another on the screen, run along the facade of skyscrapers, and jump from a moving car to a bus.

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is now known as a charismatic actor who can grace any movie – comedy or drama. He is also listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the actor who performed the most stunts in cinema. He began his career as a stunt performer, including playing Bruce Lee’s opponents in Jing wu men and Enter The Dragon, allowing the protagonist to beam himself with a stick. When it came time for Jackie Chan to play the lead roles, he was already an experienced stuntman convinced that he had to perform all the stunts himself.

Needless to say, there were a lot of injuries in the actor’s militant-rich biography – fractures and bruises of everything you can. At one point, working in a movie nearly cost him his life: Jackie had to jump off a wall and onto a tree while filming Armour of God. A couple of takes went in normal mode, and on the third he fell off, fell and smashed his head against a stone. Emergency brain surgery was required and filming was delayed by a year. A hole in the skull, covered with a plastic cap, was left in the actor’s memory.

Tom Cruise

The most popular thrill-seeker in Hollywood is Tom Cruise. And when he first started, nothing foreshadowed the future passion for performing tricks. Tom was a great dramatic actor, starred in serious films and comedies, and received Golden Globes and Oscar nominations. But in 1996, the actor starred in his first action film Mission: Impossible and still can’t stop.

In the 21st century, the basis of his filmography are militants and thrillers. Cruise is self-indulgent in dangerous stunts, of course, not forgetting to tell the press about it. Skydiving or jumping from a rock to a rock are the most innocent tricks the actor has ever performed. For Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, he ran the facade of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai. At the height of the strong wind, not everything was immediately possible, despite the preliminary training. And yet he did it – the result is recorded in the film. And for Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation Tom Cruise hung on a flying plane, overcoming the infuriating resistance of the air, small garbage flying into it, and choking on engine exhaust.

Emily Blunt

Tom Cruise’s passion for performing stunts easily infects his partners, including Emily Blunt, on the set of Edge of Tomorrow. Their heroes attempt to defeat the unkillable alien aliens with only one constantly recurring day. The actress had to spend many sweaty hours in the gym, not only forming a beautiful muscular relief, but also preparing herself to work in a heavy suit. Her character’s exoskeleton weighed about 38 kg, and in it he had to run and wave his arms as if he did not interfere, but makes Rita Vrataski even stronger.

During filming, the actress performed the vast majority of stunts herself and once nearly killed herself and her co-star Cruz in a minibus scene. Blunt was supposed to fire up the minivan and then turn sharply to the right. However, she did not fit into the turn and drove into the tree, fortunately, both actors got away with fright. In general, colleagues received a lot of impressions and were satisfied with each other’s work. However, when the band was put together for additional filming of some scenes, Emily refused to do the stunts herself and preferred the help of the doubters as she was young and pregnant.

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